Thin Spaces Hotel Company is dedicated to cultivating and stewarding 'thin places'—locations where the veil between heaven and earth is thinner.

How Thin Spaces transform us from within...

.... a Thin Space is much more than a name, think of it more like how you would stand before a waterfall and you are transformed by the peace and power of it's beauty. You didn't make the waterfall move, yet you are moved by it none the less.

When a person experiences something that inspires them, what it does is awaken the connection between them and The Creator(perhaps other worldly), it is one of the fundamental hallmarks of humanity, we create, we grow, we learn….But when we are inspired, then what? Moments of inspiration and motivation are fleeting, and often last not much longer than someone can stand upon the summit of Mt. Everest.But it is different for most of us, isn’t it? We are not the ones who climbed Everest are we? Well, most of us anyway, in fact, it is estimated that only 0.001% of all humanity will ever summit Mt Everest.So we are back to reality, of watching a GoPro clip of someone with an oxygen mask on filming from the top of Mt. Everest, showcasing years of planning and weeks of deadly journeying for mere minutes of glory and wonder… to stand atop the tallest point on earth… quite literally the closest point on earth to heaven.So we have two things:
1. How do we as “regular folk” move towards our Mt. Everest inspiration or even leave motivated by someone else’s?
2. Perhaps more important, how do we connect that impacting my life now?
The latter is critical, and for us and how we serve our guests in Thin Spaces is one way we believe to help people move in that direction.While being served and inspired by a Michelin star chef is one thing, it is entirely another thing to be trained by one.
Being inspired by the beauty of a MET piece of art, it is entirely another to be taught by one.Listening to beautiful music is one thing, it is entirely another to composed by the inspiration one feels from it.At, Cypress Resort, our flagship hotel, we are on the journey to bridge the gap, this narrow view to help people not only feel rested, free and inspired, but to even be sparked by it, and create. Because helping guests create in a place of freedom and rest is how Thin Spaces Hotel Company impacts the world, that we make serve those who will mold the clay of the earth and form the future. That by serving others, we serve the world.